Contact details for Archbishop's Office and parishes

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The Archbishop's Office
Archdiocesan Curia and Cathedral Pastoral Centre (ACCPC)
(New building next to St Joseph's Cathedral)
Batu 1, Jln Tun Abang Haji Openg
93000 Kuching, Sarawak

Postal address: PO Box 940, 93718 Kuching, Sarawak.

Tel. 082-242634            Fax. 082-425724
Email. [email protected]
Official website:

Office hours:

Monday - Friday      8.00 am - 12.00 noon / 2.00 pm - 5.00 pm
Saturday                 8.30 am - 12.00 noon
St Joseph's Cathedral Parish
Batu 1, Jln Tun Abang Haji Openg
93000 Kuching, Sarawak
Tel. 082-423424            Fax. 082-233805
Email. [email protected]

Weekday Masses:
Monday - Friday        5.30 pm (English)
Tuesday & Thursday 6.30 am (English)

Weekend Masses:

Saturday (Sunset)    6.00 pm (Eng)
Sunday                     6.30 am (Eng), 8.00 am (Chi)
                                 9.30 am (BM), 5.30 pm (Eng)
St Mark's Church

(Outstation of St Joseph's Cathedral)

Lot 5181, Jln Batu Kawa

93250 Kuching

Tel. 082-423424

Weekend Masses:

Saturday (Sunset) 6.00 pm (Eng)

Sunday                  9.30 am (BM), 5.30 pm (Eng)
Carmelite Chapel
118 Jln Tun Haji Openg
93000 Kuching
Tel. 082-242634

Weekday Masses:
Monday - Friday  5.55 am (Eng)
Saturday & public holidays  7.00 am (Eng)
Sunday Mass:  8.00 am (Eng)
St Peter's Church
Central Road, Padungan
93100 Kuching
Tel. 082-429140            Fax. 082-429141

Weekday Masses:
Tuesday - Friday  7.30 pm (Eng)
Weekend Masses:
Saturday (Sunset) 6.00 pm (Eng)  
Sunday                  7.30 am (Eng), 5.30 am (Eng)
Chapel of Mother Mary
Taman Stutong Jaya
Lorong Setia Raja No. 14
93350 Kuching
Tel. 082-360720              Fax. 082-365720

Weekday Masses:
Monday - Saturday  7.30 am (Eng)
Weekend Masses:
Sunday  8.30 am (BM), 6.00 pm (Eng)
Holy Trinity Church
Kenyalang Park, Jln Datuk Bandar
93300 Kuching
Postal address: PO Box 1054, 93722 Kuching
Tel. 082-483827            Fax. 082-483478

Weekday Masses:
Monday, Thursday, Saturday    6.30 am (Eng)
Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday    5.30 pm (Eng)
Weekend Masses:
Saturday (Sunset) 6.30 pm (Eng)
Sunday                  7.30 am (Eng), 5.30 pm (Chi)
Blessed Sacrament Church
Taman Satria Jaya
Jln Stutong BDC Stampin
93250 Kuching
Postal address: PO Box A809, Kenyalang Park, 93816 Kuching
Tel. 082-578857            Fax. 082-572420

Weekday Masses:
Tuesday - Friday  6.00 pm (Eng)
Weekend Masses:
Saturday (Sunset) 6.30 pm (Eng)
Sunday                  8.00 am (Eng). 10.00 am (Chi)
Sacred Heart Church
Kota Sentosa
Postal address: PO Box 1425, 93730 Kuching
Tel. 082-611390

Weekday Mass:
Friday    7.00 pm (Chi)
Weekend Masses:
Saturday (Sunset) 7.00 pm (Chi)
Sunday                  7.30 am (Eng), 9.00 am (Chi)
St Ann's Church
10th Mile, Kota Padawan,
93250 Kuching
Postal address: PO Box 1452, 93730 Kuching
Tel. 082-611757 / 082-610308     Fax. 082-616757

Weekend Masses:
Saturday (Sunset) 7.30 pm (Eng)
Sunday                  7.30 am (Eng), 10.30 am (BM), 5.30 pm (BM)

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